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Atego Workbench

Plug-and-play, integrated engineering environment for mission and safety-critical systems and software engineering collaboration, information sharing and traceability between tools and processes.

  • Common inter-tool multi-user asset repository
  • IT architecture provides unparalleled levels of performance, for projects big and small
  • Access portal for integrated system and software engineering tool chain
  • Traceability and impact analysis between tools
  • Multi-tool, configurable document generation
  • Enhanced visibility and project management
  • Implicit Configuration Management
Atego Workbench™ provides the capability to manage the re-use of artifacts within and across projects. Checks within Atego Workbench ensure that you only modify master versions of artifacts and that the impact of these modifications is minimal, easily identifiable and indicated to all relevant projects.

To find out more about how Atego Workbench can help you build your mission critical systems and sub-systems view the related links below.

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