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Terra Vista

The Terra Vista software tool suite from Presagis is the ideal solution for the development of the most basic to the most sophisticated terrain applications. In addition to providing the highest level of correlation in more formats than any other terrain database product in the industry (VBS2,OTF,etc), Terra Vista also ensures support, through the use of ‘common source’ and ‘common processing’, for all major SAF/CGF formats, including OneSAF, CTDB, and JSAF.

Terra Vista has all of the essential features required for the development of the most basic to the most sophisticated terrain applications.  Terra Vista can generate rapid correlated visual, sensor, SAF/CGF, maps, and analytical 3D databases for Mission Rehearsal, operational uses, large simulator contracts, and advanced concepts and demonstrations.   With the ability to ingest every format that it produces, Terra Vista provides absolute vertex level correlation when working to correlate legacy databases with new formats and applications. Terra Vista is ideal for users that require building database environments for ground, air, maritime, sensor, urban, and MOUT.

Terra Vista also offers native support for the Presagis TerraPage and OpenFlight® visual formats and DTED, ASCII, Geo-Tiff, ECW, and Shapefile source data formats.  The product also supports several, separately sold, optional output compilers including CTDB, JSAF, SEDRIS, JCATS, OTF, and VBS2. In addition to an extensive library of 3D static models and textures, Terra Vista also comes with a 3D viewer that allows you to fly through your built terrain in either TerraPage or OpenFlight format, to easily create screen shots, or record videos.  This tool also offers Parametric Modeling and Artificial Intelligence technology that reviews your source data and recommends the optimum configuration of your database parameters for faster and more accurate project setup.
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