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SEGen Server

Presagis SEGen Server is a cost-effective server-based software solution for low-cost generation of high-fidelity, highly realistic synthetic environments for training, and development or prototyping of R&D simulation applications. Based on cutting-edge technology, SEGen Server can save valuable time, money, and resources because it eliminates the need to invest in costly imagery, database development, and storage.

Presagis SEGen Server (SEGen), a procedural modeling engine, delivers an open, affordable, standards-based solution to generate, and make changes to, highly realistic synthetic environments at run-time. SEGen enables project managers, database developers, and visualization teams to quickly deliver realistic, large-area terrain representations of any location on the globe.
SEGen provides the ability to automatically construct and serve highly realistic synthetic environments generated from vector and elevation source data at run-time or offline to disk. SEGen is a stand-alone product that provides support for various levels of imagery, raster materials, and 3D models up to 1M resolution by leveraging cutting-edge procedural modeling methodology and CDB to quickly load various levels of database resolution without the burden of deploying massive amounts of imagery or raster data.

System Architecture  

SEGen can be standalone or be installed on a shared server with the related CDB.

Presagis SEGen Server can generate synthetic environment data from a CDB for up to 4 simulation clients simultaneously. Version 1.0 supports Presagis STAGE and Vega Prime out-of-the-box and can also integrate with 3rd party simulation client run-time publishers.

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