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SIM OneNet

SIM OneNet solves the problem of interoperability between disparate simulation applications by offering a singular software product that allows the user to connect, bridge, and monitor different simulation applications together.

Based on .NET technology, SIM OneNet allows applications to be "RTI Agile" so that you can connect your simulation to any HLA federation using any RTI , including legacy RTIs, DMSO, Pitch, and any popular RTIs.

With SIM OneNet, you can also connect federations together using FOM adapters to ensure coherence between data within your simulation network.  Then, you can analyse your simulation network by visualizing a filtered and comprehensive representation of your simulation data because SIM OneNet statistics tools display and chart data while they evolve on your network.

SIM OneNet is not limited to HLA networks.  Using the protocol adapters or creating your own protocol adapters with the product's API,  you can bridge HLA networks with DIS networks or any socket based communication protocol that you prefer.  With SIM OneNet, you can also enhance the interoperability of your simulation by quickly integrating 3rd party tools or custom components.
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