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Technology Strategy Determines the Course

The speed of innovation in communications and information technologies as well as the complexity of the markets are increasing rapidly. In view of such dynamics, the decision about the specific technology strategy or a corresponding migration between strategies is one of the most difficult aspects in company management because it also sets the long-term course for the company’s own competitive position. 

Detecon can offer ICT industry experts with experience from all over the world and teams with crossover strategic, organizational, and technological know-how. Taking this as their starting point, our experts draw up homogeneous technology and portfolio strategies for ICT-based products and services. The planned use of technologies is oriented at all times to the specific business strategies and goals. 

The framework’s special strengths come to play in complex, uncertain market environments, which are also characterized by many vertical and horizontal cooperations among new business models. Innovative methods derived from the EVA (economic value added) concept for value-oriented planning and control of the budgets and investments insure differentiated and individual evaluation of the uses of technologies. Strict result orientation and benchmarks guarantee both the fast implementation of the strategies and their sustained success. 

Finally, pioneering technology strategies require appropriate organizational structures: based on benchmarks, Detecon strategically re-orients the complete ICT organization if need be. Our specialists design tailor-made processes and KPI systems, even for complex technology service portfolios, which anchor the selected strategy firmly in the structural and procedural organization. In addition, they draw up guidelines for the use of technologies and conduct comprehensive analyses for strategic sourcing.

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