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By one estimate, over 150 million sensitive records have been breached in the last three years alone. To combat this growing problem, companies employ an average of 30 security products throughout their organizations. It's not just sophisticated, well trained hackers who commit cyber-crimes these days. With ready access to sophisticated hacker tools, security breaches are as easy as point-click-attack.

The world has become accustomed to the fail-first, patch-later mentality of insecure software and computing infrastructure. Because of this, much of the world’s critical infrastructure, financial networks, medical information systems, telecommunications gear, and portable mobile devices are open to compromise by determined individuals, corporations, organized crime, and nation states.

Network developers need to build in device security at the core of system design by starting with INTEGRITY operating system technology .The combination of INTEGRITY’s separation architecture, its advanced GHNet networking stack, and GateD Layer 2 switching/Layer 3 routing capabilities delivers unmatched security and reliability without compromising system throughput.

Telecom OEMs and network device manufacturers can increase time-to-market by relying on a complete, proven, and integrated solution developed and supported by experts in telecommunications and networking.

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