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Medical devices have exploded in complexity and sophistication with the integration of wireless communication, security protocols, USB connectivity, persistent storage, and portable touch screens with graphical user interfaces. Moreover, the requirements to construct a system that meets the latest regulatory standards, safely and securely interoperates with other devices, protects patient information, has a reduced footprint, consumes less energy, and costs less to produce all add significant pressure to­ the device manufacturer.

Green Hills Software's Platform for Medical Devices pre-integrated solution can help drastically reduce development cost and time-to-market.

Green Hills Software's Platform for Medical Devices— based on certified technology with an unparalleled proven-in-use history—has enabled Green Hills medical device clients to construct more capable medical devices faster and at a lower cost while addressing the very latest regulatory and technology requirements.Green Hills Platform for Medical Devices includes:
  • MULTI IDE—The industry's most advanced software development, debugging, and verification tools
  • INTEGRITY RTOS—scalable, full-featured, robust and safety-approved RTOS
  • µ-velOSity™—a small footprint, high performance microkernel for constrained applications
  • Integrated operating system middleware including networking, files systems, USB, embedded databases, graphics, and video
  • Domain specific 510(k), PMA support data
  • Industry specific services including consulting, regulatory assistance, development, audit and approval support

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