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Many  assets  are  created  on  your  Systems  and  Software  Engineering projects, and then stored away as evidence or as part of the ultimate system or application.  However, some of these assets can be very useful to other engineers, teams and even other projects - if only there was an easy way to publish, find and reuse them.  Even just finding something useful can be a real nightmare.  These challenges are compounded when you lose track of the projects which reused each asset, leading to ‘clone & own’, with limited cost savings. There has to be a better way.

Atego Asset Library’s highly scalable repository and multi-user web browser user interface make asset publication, management and reuse easy.  Based on  the  OMG’s  Reusable  Asset  Specification,  the  underlying  database  is intentionally generalist so that you can use it for all types of project asset.  You can very quickly define your own catalog structure, asset types, contexts, keywords  and  states  to  match  your  organization’s  specific  domain.  Then user and role security protects your catalogs, enabling your asset publication process.

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