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Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV Program is a development project. And its aim is to design and develop there aerial vehicles and their ground units according to specified requirements and completion tests with the prototypes and development.


Program consists "Conceptual Design", "Preliminary Design", "Detailed Design and Development" and "Test and Evaluation" stages.


ANKA Day and night, bad weather conditions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, fixed / moving target detection, recognition, identification and tracking purposes,


With the objective of providing the Turkish Army with a long-endurance and persistent ISR capability, ANKA shall have the following mission capabilities;

·    Day and night, all weather ISR mission capabilities with EO/IR/LD/LRF and SAR/ISAR/GMTI payloads

·         Fixed or moving target tracking capability

·         ATC radio relay over data link

·         On-board data recording capability

·         Potential capabilities including SATCOM, SIGINT & communications relay

·         Remote Video Terminal option

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