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Green Hills Software provides a comprehensive solution for developing 68K-based applications:

Software development tools

Quickly develop, thoroughly debug, completely test, and fully optimize embedded and real-time applications
  • Green Hills® Optimizing Compilers
Generate debuggable, highly optimized code for maximum speed and minimum size from C, C++, and Ada
Target debug devices
  • Macraigor Wiggler
The Green Hills Optimizing Compiler for 68K uses a common code generator with architecture-specific optimizations. Each supported processor model has its own particular pipeline and instruction set characteristics. These are accommodated in the code generator to produce code best suited for the target processor. The following 68K specific features are supported:

  • Use Built-in fp Functions—Uses built-in floating point instructions rather than calling library functions such as fabs(), sqrt(), and sin().

  • Position Independent Code (PIC) and Data (PID)—Allows code and data to be created which can be placed anywhere in memory and still run correctly.

  • Small Data Area (SDA)—The Green Hills Compilers can collect frequently accessed variables into a block of up to 64KB of memory. This enables efficient access to data within this block resulting in improved code size.

  • Optimizing Assembler—Assembler will optimize branch and call instructions to use the smallest possible displacement reducing code size.
Run-time libraries

A comprehensive suite of run-time libraries for C, C++, EC++ and Ada 95 are included in the corresponding compiler distributions for each language. Several different versions of the libraries are provided to accommodate different combinations of processor and memory models. The combinations include hardware vs. software floating point, big endian vs. little endian memory models and CPU specific versions. Full featured start-up code and libraries include automatic copy of data from ROM to RAM and system call emulation.

The MULTI integrated development environment
MULTI provides a host-based (Windows, Solaris, or Linux) graphical environment for 68K target development. Host-target connectivity is provided through a variety of means, depending on the target environment. MULTI supports many 68K targets, including evaluation boards from Freescale Semiconductor. These boards can be accessed with a variety of interfaces:

  • Bare Board Access (No RTOS or ROM Monitor)—Combined with the Macraigor Wiggler, MULTI provides a complete software package that enables programmers to debug code without need for operating systems, kernels, or even ROM monitors.

  • Custom RTOS Support—MULTI can be interfaced with a custom RTOS through integration of the Green Hills INDRT API. INDRT provides all the debug information needed by MULTI, and is easily integrated into user code.

  • Instruction Set Simulator—The MULTI instruction set simulator interpretively executes 68K programs on the host PC or workstation without the need for target hardware by simulating the execution of the target processor at the instruction level. The simulator provides full debug features, including host I/O, command window, extended profiling and hardware breakpoints.

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