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Green Hills Software’s GateD suite of Layer 3 routing protocols is a vendor-neutral, comprehensive control-plane solution that provides complete source-code for Layer 3 protocols. The scalability of the code, complete functionality, and expansive set of APIs make the code ideal for inclusion in carrier-grade core, edge, and aggregation devices.

Security at the core

For over 20 years, GateD has been the standard starting point for anyone who needed comprehensive software solutions for advanced routing, for everything from server redundancy to the most scalable, core IP routers. During that time, hundreds of products have been built and deployed using GateD, the gold standard in routing technology.

Green Hills, the leader in secure and reliable software, has taken this proven routing offering and has combined it with the industry’s most secure operating system—INTEGRITY—and its advanced TCP/IP v4/v6 host/routing stack, bringing the highest levels of security and routing together in a processor neutral, integrated and optimized software suite.

Deploying GateD with the secure separation kernel architecture of the INTEGRITY operating system enables the highest levels of security for network devices. INTEGRITY was designed from the beginning with security in mind, and supports the requirements and security policies of Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS), which is the architecture for composing secure computing systems from high-assurance components. INTEGRITY provides protected execution of native applications, guest OS applications and system services; guaranteed resource allocation; information flow control between partitions, stack, router, network management and application isolation, along with containment of errors and attacks. All are essential components for hardening any networked device against both casual and targeted, well funded attacks.

Available Layer 3 routing components include GateD RIP, RIPng, OSPF, OSPFv3, IS-IS, BGP, MP-BGP, and VRRP—the first suite of routing protocols to have broad IPv6 support. With GateD, networking device developers can pick and choose from these individual protocols or license a variety of packages targeted at specific applications, all integrated, validated and tested with the INTEGRITY secure operating system and the GHNet IPv4/v6 host/router stack. With this approach, customers can seamlessly add or reconfigure GateD routing protocols based on changing system requirements with the highest level of confidence in the shortest timeframe and at the lowest cost.

The modular design of GateD allows common functionality, data structures, and APIs to be shared across protocols. From an equipment manufacturer's perspective, this provides two immediate advantages:

  • Additions and modifications to existing APIs at points of integration have limited effect on the stability of existing protocols. This means that even major new features can be deployed without anxiety over changes to long-established, de facto standard code, such as Green Hills' Fast OSPF and BGP implementations.
  • New protocols inherit a high degree of stability and robustness for the long deployment of standard functions, such as memory allocation, scheduling, and routing policy.

GateD Layer 3 Routing Protocol Suite includes a wide variety of basic features on which the protocols rely and which are common across the range of protocol packages:

  • GateD Advanced Management Interface (AMI)
  • OS Adaption Layer
  • Sophisticated policy engine
  • Memory management
  • Static route support
  • Timer facilities
  • Cooperative multitasking
  • Checksum generation andverification
  • ICMP
  • MIBs

Driving network innovation

GateD Layer 3 Routing Protocols
Multicast Protocols*

Today, the Green Hills GateD carrier-class software suite has the most complete set of routing protocols in the industry...including OSPF, BGP, RIP, IS-IS, and Multicast. Green Hills GateD routing software serves applications far beyond routers, including all intelligent devices that link to the network and transfer data: LAN switches, wireless access points, satellites, edge traffic and service aggregation boxes, core optical switching boxes, firewall and security devices, proxies, caches, and load balancing.

As network complexity increases, the challenge of providing optimal routing increases exponentially—as does delivering meaningful ROI.

Customers will benefit from improved product quality and availability, increased stability and functionality, and substantial improvements in time-to-market, lower risk, and reduced development cost.

Green Hills seasoned networking experts at its Ann Arbor Networking Design Center continue to expand upon a complete solution set for its customers—from a rock-solid code set, to testing and documentation, APIs and professional services—everything developers need when making their "build vs. buy" decision.

With a heritage of technological innovation, the longest track record of successful deployment, and the largest share of the network routing industry's intellectual capital, no other company is better positioned to be the first to deliver the next generation of secure networking solutions.GateD is used by leaders in every major sector of the Internet, including manufacturers of core routers, access routers, optical equipment, IP telephony equipment, and service providers.

The Green Hills GateD software is highly portable and available for a wide variety of platforms.

Advanced Management Interface (AMI): Common management API across GateD products

The GateD Advanced Management Interface (AMI) comes standard with a license of GateD and consists of two distinct components:

an API that provides direct access to all configurable options across all portions of the code, allowing highly scalable, incremental configurations
an Agent designed for easy integration with any messaging system available on the control plane OS
AMI's simple, consistent API dramatically improves speed of integration with any user interface, providing substantial savings in time to market. When used in conjunction with the AMI Agent, the management plane can be off-loaded to a separate processor, or even an entirely different card, removing management overhead from the control plane and improving efficiency. When combined with Green Hills CLI module, dozens of engineering years can be saved.

Command Line Interface (CLI): Pre-integrated, pre-developed configuration and management

The GateD CLI module comes standard with a GateD license and allows network equipment manufacturers to develop and deploy new equipment at unprecedented speeds by removing the largest obstacle to deploying carrier-class control plane software—the development and integration of a complete management solution.

For years now, GateD has saved network equipment manufacturers millions of dollars in development costs and tremendously reduced time-to-market for new products with state-of-the-art control plane software. With the GateD CLI module, Green Hills takes these savings to the next level. The GateD CLI provides unprecedented functionality and ease of integration and solves the most difficult technical challenges in control-plane user interface design.

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