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Objective Interface Systems – ORBexpress

The ORBexpress product family is Objective Interface's high-performance implementation of CORBA technology. By using a standards-based solution, you can build applications that are highly portable and interoperable. Using a commercially supported ORB means your developers can focus on application development, not system code. ORBexpress provides a standards-based alternative to in-house, proprietary communication protocols while adding minimal overhead and footprint to your applications. It enables software developers to simplify the development of distributed software applications, build scalable, efficient and robust applications, and reduce overall development time meeting time-to-market requirements.

Optimized for use in the real-time, embedded, and high-performance development environment, the ORBexpress product family combines performance with extreme reliability. From the ground up, ORBexpress has been designed to provide developers with a small footprint ORB, which is fast, predictable and reliable.

  • Reliable, high performance ORB implementation
  • Real-Time CORBA Support
  • Small Footprint ideal for embedded applications
  • Highly Scalable
  • Highly interoperable, tested with many other ORBs
  • Independently benchmarked as the highest performing CORBA implementation

PrismTech – OpenFusion eORB

OpenFusion Embedded products represent the state of the art for embedded ORB technology. PrismTech’s flagship embedded product is OpenFusion e*ORB. OpenFusion e*ORB is a suite of OMG compliant, high-performance, low-footprint CORBA ORBs (and related Common Object Services). OpenFusion e*ORB is specially designed for use in low profile, resource-constrained environments such as software-defined radio. Its greatest strength is its totally modular micro kernel architecture that incurs possibly the smallest footprint of any CORBA implementation.
  • Both C and C++ language bindings
  • Lower footprint and overhead
  • More efficient use of hardware resources
  • Faster throughput
  • An ORB suite specially designed for resource-constrained embedded and real-time applications
  • An open and configurable architecture
  • A DSP and GPP solution in the same ORB family
  • Complimentary SDR products and wireless software infrastructure solutions
  • Support from a flexible, responsive and supportive middleware partner
Data Distribution Service

OpenSplice DDS

OpenSplice DDS is an extreme-performance, real-time, data-centric publish/subscribe middleware platform. It features an advanced real-time networking technology that ensures that the right data is delivered at the right place, at the right time, all the time. This is guaranteed by providing a priority-preserving transport, built over UDP/IP, capable of scheduling information flows based on their urgency and importance. The various properties of data flows are tuned by means of a rich set of QoS, providing control over data distribution reliability, availability, timeliness, etc. OpenSplice DDS provides a full implementation of the OMG DDS v1.2 standard, implementing the data-centric publish-subscribe layer as well as the productivity-boosting Object Reconstruction Layer. OpenSplice DDS is equipped with high productivity MDE PowerTools, provides seamless integration with DBMS and CORBA, and comes with a security add-on for information assurance.

Real Time Innovations - DDS

RTI Data Distribution Service (formerly NDDS) is networking middleware that implements a real-time publish-subscribe communications model and allows distributed processes to share data without concern for the actual physical location or architecture of their peers. It includes support for best-effort and reliable communications (including reliable multicast), as well as client-server communications. RTI Data Distribution Service is an open-architecture, data-critical platform based on the Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS). The OMG is the same group that manages the CORBA and UML standards. OMG recognized the need to augment CORBA with a data-centric publish-subscribe specification. The DDS standard answers that need, and RTI is a primary author of the new specification. RTI Data Distribution Service is field-proven middleware that is currently used in a wide variety of time-critical applications.

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