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Atego Ace

Atego Ace is the highly efficient integration tool for function and software components in the automotive industry.

The cooperative development and integration of embedded systems is a highly complex task. Time is money and valuable time may pass before it is possible to test the functions of a system in an ensemble.

Atego Ace strengthens the left side in the V-model of development (the rapid recognition of error specifications), so that the early development stage can be used productively.

Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers must be able to assess the maturity of system functions in every phase of development.

Atego Ace is a platform for the virtual integration of functions and software components. The co-simulation carried out by Atego Ace Virtual components simulated by Atego Ace are more performant than mechanics.

The call for a virtual method of integration in the automotive industry is becoming louder by the day. Atego Ace is the tool which can meet this challenge. Find out for yourself.

Atego Ace allows the virtual integration of distributed software systems on standard PCs while maintaining the target code for embedded systems. Atego Ace seamlessly expands simulation options to cover software implementation.

System designers can validate drafted architectures (functions and function networks) before transforming them into hardware. Testers have access to efficient technology for carrying out their tests at an early stage, and then incorporate these successively, before the hardware is available. With the flexibility offered by virtual integration, system integrators can implement finer-grained integration stages and therefore better control their testing.
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