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Presagis Utilities Manager

The Presagis Utilities Manager helps users to easily manage multiple software applications by allowing them to automate the setup, configuration, validation and manipulation of multiple software tools through one simple graphical user interface.

In line with the Presagis technology vision, Aeria, to integrate a portfolio of COTS software into an open, scalable, and reusable modeling and simulation workflow, the Presagis Utilities Manager helps manage and streamline this application development flow.

Bringing tools together to create a unified workflow

In complex development situations, when multiple tools from different vendors need to interoperate, the Presagis Utilities Manager can help users overcome the need to customize launch parameters of each software individually through the single push of a button. Non-developers are given the ability to configure and start applications over a multi-operating system network with ease while highly technical users can use the Utilities Manager to quickly setup, troubleshoot and deploy workflows through an intuitive ‘integrator view’.  Using the Presagis Utilities Manager users can set up configuration files and groups of tasks with associated tools and supporting materials to simplify the development of a unified modeling and simulation workflow.

This network-centric, and cross-platform, tool allows users to assemble Presagis and third party products together to ease integration, configuration and creation of a seamless modeling and simulation application development workflow. The Presagis Utilities Manager offers:

  • A graphical user interface to ease workflow creation
  • The ability to configure application parameters as part of the workflow
  • The ability to distribute application(s) over multiple computers (network nodes)
  • File synchronization between nodes when required by the application
  • An open architecture based on XML configuration files and scripts

 The Presagis Utilities Manager comes with a set of additional tools to ease day-to-day work and to simplify workflow creation and configuration:

  • Custom Application 
  • CDB Gen
  • CDB Archive
  • CDB Copy
  • CDB Remove
  • CDB File Scope Limitors
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