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Green Hills Software's Layer 2 Switching protocols provide OEM developers with more features, greater flexibility, reduced memory and CPU utilization, and advanced carrier-grade scalability and functionality—simultaneously reducing development time and cost, and lowering on-going maintenance.

GateD reduces your total time to market by leveraging advanced GateD architectural components, such as process scheduling and memory management, the GateD industry standard Command Line Interface (CLI), the Green Hills Advanced Management Interface (AMI), and full simple network management support through the AgentX protocol. The powerful GateD Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), combined with our Ethernet Stackability Framework, makes this the ideal Ethernet switching solution for OEMs developing anything from entry level fixed-port Fast Ethernet switches, to modular stackable Gigabit switches with multiple 10 Gigabit uplinks, to fullblown carrier class chassis systems.

The Green Hills GateD switching protocols set the benchmark for the next generation of OEM Ethernet switching solutions by providing the most comprehensive feature set, while allowing maximum flexibility in configuration and deployment. For fastest time to market, modifying a few constants in a single, convenient header file allow the developer to optimize memory consumption and match software to hardware functionality.

Combined with one of Green Hills’ out-of-the-box ports available on a number of reference designs from industry-leading switch chip vendors, an OEM can enter QA with a fully-featured, stable switch in the shortest time possible. For more advanced functionality, the GateD HAL can be populated with driver-specific calls to make use of advanced features in custom silicon, and can be fully integrated with the Green Hills carrier grade routing stack either directly or with the assistance of Green Hills Software’s professional services engineers, resulting in record time-to-market for metro and core Ethernet switches and routers. The comprehensive feature set supports equipment requirements spanning from simple bridging and switching, to advanced VLAN and prioritization support for voice, video, and data triple plays.

Security—Raising the Bar

In today’s market, “security” cannot just be a marketing check box; it is a real requirement. The Green Hills Software suite of Layer 2 protocols raises the bar for security. Built on top of common GateD core functionality, which is pre-audited to remove security holes, such as buffer overrun exploits, GateD switching protocols raise the bar by providing a simple yet comprehensive API to 802.1x portbased authentication schemes. This simple yet powerful API allows for easy integration not just with commercial, off-the-shelf solutions such as RADIUS or TACACS+, but also with any proprietary security access you may wish to deploy.

The VLAN capabilities of GateD allow any individual VLAN to be configured as the management network, and 802.1x authentication control is on a per logicalport basis, giving your customers the greatest level of user control possible. Security and user access is enhanced further by powerful access control lists for easy support of any filtering capability available in hardware, and basic switch defenses against malicious activity such as broadcast storms. The additional use of AgentX as the SNMP configuration mechanism allows support for SNMPv3 in conjunction with SSH for another level of unparalleled security.

Native Triple-play Support

Fully integrated support for 802.1Q and 802.1p, along with IGMP snooping, GVRP, and advanced ACLs allow different types of data to be sent over different VLANs. This also enables VLANs to be classified and forwarded in any method of prioritization that hardware allows. This can simultaneously reduce overall bandwidth consumption on the network by optimizing multicast video feed traffic to only those ports required.

With appropriate support available from Green Hills Software's Networking Services organization, you can provide support to network managers which allows them to fine-tune ingress and egress traffic flows (where the number of flows per queue is only limited by hardware) on a per-port or per service basis. There is no more comprehensive way to allow your customers to speed deployment of converged voice, video, and data networks.

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