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Terrain Server

Improve the efficiency and performance of existing simulation environments with a terrain services middleware application that can easily scale to support thousands of entities in real-time.

Presagis Terrain Server (Terrain Server) is a scalable software platform that provides a full range of real-time terrain services to entities within a simulation such as height of terrain, material classification, and extended line of site. It can be easily scaled to support thousands of entities. By offloading queries normally performed by your visualization application, you can free up valuable resources and improve performance.

Terrain Server can be easily integrated into CDB and OpenFlight simulation environments and via Terra Vista, into existing simulation (MetaFlight, TerraPage, OneSAF, JCATs and VBS2) environments to provide terrain awareness to entities in a simulation.

It supports multiple configuration options including being embedded directly in a customer application, running as a standalone server in a client/server networked architecture, or loaded in a cloud configuration.  This flexible application can easily scale using off-the-shelf hardware to accommodate growing simulation requirements, and by leveraging the latest processors and operating systems.


With Terrain Server you can:

  • Optimize performance of visualization subsystems
  • Deliver terrain awareness
  • Eliminate correlation errors
Presagis Terrain Server can be easily integrated into legacy simulation environments to ensure correlation between different simulation subsystems, by ensuring that all data correlates to a single ground truth. In conjunction with the Terra Vista, it can interoperate with all existing static database formats, including VBS2, OneSAF and JCATs, and provides for customization via its API.
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